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Signal337 broadcasts the thoughts, experiences, and conversations of Tim McKenna. As a design and technology professional, Tim has worked in a multitude of industries and has learned truths about business, design, psychology, creativity, and life. Join me for thought-provoking discussions and new perspectives on design.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Going Beyond Accessibility: Inclusive Design

    Accessibility is a noble foundation to build your product or service on. It's the start of your work, but building with universality in mind and starting with an inclusive perspective is key to making products that people truly care about. In this episode we talk about Inclusive Design and how ...


  2. Growing Your Career Through Education

    As design professionals, we have incredible resources at our fingertips to learn anything...truly anything and everything. It is a golden age of education options. Thus, it's important that you take control of the one aspect of your career advancement that you truly can own and manage; your education. This episode ...


  3. Role Playing Games & Design

    It's no secret to anyone who knows me well that I am a huge nerd (all of my Star Trek references in episodes highlight that fact) but my experiences playing tabletop role-playing games has helped me in my career more than I ever thought possible. This fun episode delves into ...


  4. Plan Better Meetings

    "I love going to meetings." said no one ever. Meetings get a bad wrap because they are typically planned and ran very poorly. With so many ways to communicate, we live in a golden age of tools...but actual communication itself is pretty poor. In this episode, I talk tactics and ...


  5. You need User Research

    The line is drawn in the sand: If you skip out on user research, your product is going to fail. Period. This is a breakdown (and hardline stance) of User Research and its value in your product and service design process. User research informs your product and engineering teams in ...