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Signal337 broadcasts the thoughts, experiences, and conversations of Tim McKenna. As a design and technology professional, Tim has worked in a multitude of industries and has learned truths about business, design, psychology, creativity, and life. Join me for thought-provoking discussions and new perspectives on design.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Job Preparation

    Finding a new job is tough, even without a pandemic raging. You have to make sure your resume and cover letter are current and tailored to the work you are looking for. As someone who has had a lot of jobs, I understand the amount of time needed to apply ...


  2. Design Thinking & Bullshitters

    Living in Central PA, bullshit wafting through the air around the farms is a sure sign of planting season. Also another sure sign of planting bad ideas is the bullshit surrounding design thinking. This episode is my take on this hot take as I believe that design thinking isn't the ...


  3. Getting a Design Job with no Experience

    Design is a job...and to get a job you need some experience, but you can't get any meaningful experience without a job, right? It's the classic chicken and the egg story...but does it have to be so cut and dry? Can you get a job in design without a college ...


  4. About Recruiting

    I have a lot of jobs in my life...but it wasn't until I became a knowledge worker that I interfaced with job recruiters. As a designer, it's been interesting to see the different types of jobs that recruiters are actively hiring for and seeing the mismatch of knowledge and expectations. ...


  5. Regarding Vision

    Too often, many people let life happen to them instead of working towards something. Having a vision of what you want your life to be and how you are going to acheive it is key to realizing it and making your goals attainable. This episode discusses having a vision for ...