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Signal337 broadcasts the thoughts, experiences, and conversations of Tim McKenna. As a design and technology professional, Tim has worked in a multitude of industries and has learned truths about business, design, psychology, creativity, and life. Join me for thought-provoking discussions and new perspectives on design.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Working with Extroverts and Introverts

    Extroverts and introverts get a bad rap. Often the extrovert is seen as loud, borish, domineering, and demanding of praise while the introvert is seen as quite, cold, conservative, and unwilling to partake in the conversation. These attributes couldn't be farther from the truth. Sure, do people posess these traits? ...


  2. Design in Healthcare

    some common patient experiences and see the physician's side of things in order to truly become patient-centered. Is healthcare really poised to become more patient-centered? Shouldn't it already be focused on the patient? Let's take a look at a few topics around the patients experience and digital technology that promises sweeping ...


  3. In A Small Pond

    New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley...they seem to be creative mecca for some people in the design industry. I say not so fast. In this episode I talk about why I choose to live in Central Pennsylvania and the opportunities that are afforded by being off the design industry radar. ...


  4. A Story of Leadership

    What makes a person a good leader? What is the difference between leadership and management? Can leaders be "made" or are they a unique breed? These are some of the questions this episode aims to answer. In the first of many leadership episode, Tim discuss his main tenants of leadership ...


  5. Going To A Conference

    Since coming back from a work conference that I helped to plan, in this episode we discuss what you can do to help your survive your first conference experience. We also discuss considerations about speaking at a conference and look at the issue of getting paid as a speaker. We ...