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Signal337 broadcasts the thoughts, experiences, and conversations of Tim McKenna. As a design and technology professional, Tim has worked in a multitude of industries and has learned truths about business, design, psychology, creativity, and life. Join me for thought-provoking discussions and new perspectives on design.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Inequitable America

    I am trying not to be overly dramatic, but the United State of America isn't united. It's a fractured mess of shit. Over the last month, my growing tension and attitude towards how we conduct ourselves in society has both infuriarating and depressing. In this episode, I focus on Black ...


  2. Digital Accessibility Soapbox

    Digital accessibility came into my concern five years ago when I designed the user interface for a physical product. I wondered how people with disabilities may actually use this thing I just designed. Fast forward five years and I sit with clients and partners on developing universal design strategy to ...


  3. Leading in Difficult Times - Coronavirus Special

    COVID-19 sure has been the proverbial match in the bucket of gasoline. People are struggling, fearful, angry, confused, and dead. This episode may not mean much to a lot of people right now. Podcasts are down significantly at the moment and people are rightfully concerned about more important things than ...


  4. How to Hire

    Hiring either excites or fills people with dread. It can be a long, drawn out process rife with poor communication and inconsistencies or a clear, understood process that puts the focus on doing the right thing. Hiring is tough for a lot of companies and organizations because it is a ...


  5. Working Remotely

    Working remotely has a been a dream of mine for years. The romantic notion of rolling out of bed and working in pajamas online sounds like a dream. Many companies are successful, and profitable, as a fully distributed team. But when you cut through all of the praise and benefits ...