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Signal337 broadcasts the thoughts, experiences, and conversations of Tim McKenna. As a design and technology professional, Tim has worked in a multitude of industries and has learned truths about business, design, psychology, creativity, and life. Join me for thought-provoking discussions and new perspectives on design.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Design Debt

    Remember all of those great ideas that never made it into your product because of a tight deadline? Yea...those ideas. Sometimes they come back to haunt you in the form of negative customer feedback, poor adoption, bad reviews, or enabling competition. Design debt is one of the myriads of issues ...


  2. Design Ethics

    When you think about your impact on the world as a designer, what effect do you think you have? Do you think about how your work has helped society? What about the negative consequences of hyper-focused work that removes the human element? I've been thinking about my responsibility and obligations ...


  3. DiSC Personality Types

    Understanding your personality and behavioral traits, motivators, and triggers are invaluable in business and life. When you know what drives you, you can then learn what drives others and adjust your interactions to be more effective and meaningful. In this episode, I talk about my experience with DiSC behavior assessment ...


  4. Artificial Intelligence and Design

    Artificial Intelligence. A phrase that conjures the folly of man, the audacity to make life and become god, and the fears of something that looks down on us as irrelevant. All doom and gloom aside and before our robot overlords take over...we still have a long way to go. In ...


  5. Total Customer Focus

    Not many companies have a fan base. To create a fan base, you need to focus on delivering quality experiences each and every time you interact with your audience. At Sheetz, this is what they do every day. In this episode, I delve into the dedication that Sheetz has for ...